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Includes safety, construction math, introduction to hand tools and power tools, introduction to blue prints, basic communication skills, basic employability skills and mate


Includes orientation to the trade, building materials, fasteners, and adhesives, hand and power tools, reading plans and elevations, floor systems, wall and  ceiling framin


Includes an orientation to the electrical trade, electrical safety, introduction to electrical circuits, electrical theory, introduction to the National Electrical Code, de


Includes an introduction to HVAC, trade mathematics, copper and plastic piping practices, soldering and brazing, ferrous metal piping practices, basic electricity, introduc

Industrial Maintenance

Includes an orientation to the trade, tools, fasteners and anchors, oxyfuel cutting, gaskets and packing, math, construction drawings, pumps and drivers, introduction to te

Marine Trades

Includes an orientation to the trade, tools, boat handling and safety, internal combustion engine theory, marine electrical system theory, outboard engine mai


Includes an introduction to the plumbing profession, plumbing safety, plumbing tools, plumbing math, plumbing drawings, plastic pipe, copper pipe, cast-iron pipe, carbon st


Includes orientation to the trade, Welding Safety, oxyfuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, air carbon arc cutting and gouging, base metal preparation, weld quality, SMAW-equip